8 Interesting Sex Facts that You May Want to Know Sooner Rather Than Later


Here are some 8 interesting facts about sex and you may want to know sooner rather than later.

#1 Women Can Have Orgasm While They are Sleeping

According to Sherry Moss, MD said even there is no physical stimulation to genitals, some women having a sexy dream can lead to orgasm because it will increase blood flow to the genitals.

#2 The Most People's Favorite in Their a Wet Dreams

In the article published, women tend to have Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth as their fantasies partners, while men will think of Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Kylie Jenner during their maturation. (Editor note: I never know Taylor Swift is that popular among the men!) 

#3 The Female Orgasm Lasts Three Times Longer than the Male

 Michael Reitan, a MD practiced in Rome, that generally speaking female orgasm lasts about 20 seconds which are three times longer a male which is only lasts about 6 seconds.

#4 Clitoris is a Tiny Penis

The tissue of clitoris is actually the same as it is of a penis. When one is in embryo, the hormones will decide what kind of sexual part that tissue will develop into. If one has testosterone, that tissue will develop as a penis, otherwise it will become clitoris. Hence their functions are similar and super sensitive. When a woman gets excited, the clitoris becomes larger and gets filled with blood, according to  Natalya Lopushnyan, MD, urologist at Greater Boston Urology.

#5 Average Sex Sessions are About 100 - 500 Thrusts

A survey said averaged intercourse sessions of most Americans were last about 17 minutes in bed and it was about 100 - 500 thrusts. So is that how long you last?

#6 Odors May lift Up Sexual Experience

A small study performed by Archives of Sexual Behavior said women who have a more perspective noses were tend to have more pleasurable sex and frequent orgasms but it does not reflect odors will increase their sexual desires nor women have more sensitive noses will perform better in bed. 

#7 Post-sex Sadness is Real 

 A certified sex therapist, Ian Kerner, PhD, said post-sex sadness or known as Post-coital dysphoria (PCD) is very common but there aren't enough research said how it is occurred but Kerner believes it has to do with surges in certain hormones and it can also be occurred after masturbation.

If you are overwhelmed by this after-sex blues, seeing a therapist will do the trick of getting you out of it. 

#8 Guys May be Turned On By Deeper & Breathy Women Voice 

 A study in 2014 by Albright University found a deeper, breathy voices of women often make men think they are sexier. The research was done in a way that a woman continuously manipulates her voice in counting from zero to ten. Men tend to think their voices are much more attractive! 



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