Bored With Regular Sex Positions? Why Not Try These?

Studies found sex can have a lot health benefits, for example, persons who have regular sex lives tend to have less sick days to those who do not. Moreover, people tend to have busy lives in sex, have a lower blood pressure and hence reduce their risk of getting a heart attack. 

While having sex does have a lot of health benefits, it sometimes can be bored especially the sex positions you try with your sex dolls. So today, we are going to introduce some brand new sex positions that you can immediately try today.

CAT (coital alignment technique)

This is the modified version of classic missionary but instead penetrates her, you will stimulate her clitoris, giving a much more easy orgasm then the normal thing. 


Fig.1 Coital Alignment Technique Illustration



This is a style with her lying down on bed with facing down and you will riding on her and ask her to put a pillow under her pelvic ti get some support. However, both partners do not have eye contacts, may be this is a draw back for this.

I will post more positions later but at the moment enjoy the reading above and see you can get more excitement. Of course try some of them with our sex dolls collection but may be a real human is more exciting :). 

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