Should Sex Dolls Brothel be Allowed?

With the rise of demand of sex dolls, sex doll brothel also seems to have a growing need. According to Google search results, the earliest brothel that was appeared probably back in 2016 Japan where clients can just walk in and have any kind of service as they want. 

One reason of why this sex doll brothel is probably prostitution is not allowed in Japan but clearly there is a need of human need.

Ok, now back to our discussion, should sex dolls brothel be allowed? Couple of  issues that many people concerned are moral and hygiene issues, especially those sex dolls are commonly used by a group of unknown people. 

Hygene Issue

The sex doll brothel operators however said their cleaning procedure is very thorough. First, they will remove all the fluid from the surface, then use a liquid soap to rinse through the surface and the usable holes of the dolls and the last they will use a ultra-violet light on the doll's skin to make user there will be no bacteria or viruses left behind, and surely, they also ask their clients to use condoms and lubricants so "it's pretty safe". said by Philips, a senior manager of one of the sex dolls brothel operators in Japan. But because of privacy isssues, these operators have no way to know if the clients really use a condom wihen they're "having sex" with these dolls and these really lead to possible disease or virus spread in the community. 

Moral Issue

Another issue of a sex doll brothel is a "moral" issue. In Asia, where people are very sex conservative and they don't really like the idea of seeing a brothel on the streets where children and men easily have acccess to. One is they feel embrassed when the chilidren ask them questions such as "what is it?", "why are there many people going in/out of the building" and they seemed to pointed to the same sign that saying "sex doll brothel" available etc.

So should it be allowed? Well, I guess the issue is similar to a real human brothel, if it is done privately, like the escort girls, no one will really complain about it but if it is done like the brothels on the streets then may be many people will have issues about it. So the answer,it depends. 

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