From Solid to Gel Breast - DIY Doll Modification Series (1)

Sex doll is ubiquitous today, and many customers will choose a “gel breast” or “jelly breast” as an option. Why? Because it stimulates the feelings and bouncy “effects” of a pair of natural breasts. But sometimes, customers what to save a bit of money and order a solid breast doll instead. But how do you change a solid breast doll into a gel-filled doll? I’ve found a thread on the doll forum, a.k.a TDF, and it was a serious player who shared how to make this happen and here is the video:

Doll mod: Solid to Hollow breasts DIY from Brunch's Doll Mod on Vimeo.

It is from solid to hollow, and after removing the material inside the boobs, the manufacturers seem to stuff it in pillow fiber. The whole video is impressive, and he is truly a wizard.

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