How to choose a sex doll that suits you

The realistic sex doll today are made from high-quality TPE and medical-grade Silicone. They are backed up by a very strong metal skeleton. This heavy-duty metal skeleton enables it to easily handle your weight. They are now a growing trend and also getting closer to being real people. There are more and more types of sex dolls, how to choose the sex doll that suits us? Let's take a look at how attractive the physical dolls of different sizes are!

Mini sex dolls have a Young face and big breasts, I believe this is the body that many people yearn for. Such a figure will only live in games or anime characters. However, almost all the current animation games use this age group to make the protagonist of the game. Therefore, the sex doll of 1 meter to 1.35 meters will be very playable, and every uncle has a loli dream in his heart. And among all sex dolls, this high-level physical doll is the most cost-effective.

The 1.4-1.55 meter sex doll is relatively mature, just like a flower budding, feeling like first love. This is the height of an average beautiful girl or magical girl. According to the after-sales statistics of an e-commerce platform, this type of height is the most vulnerable, and of course it is not a quality problem, just because the players are too fond of it!

Dolls of 1.58 meters-1.70 meters are the most perfect and mature, swinging a few positions at will, it is enough to make your blood burst. However, due to the increase in material used due to height, the price of this sex doll has also increased. The price of more than $1,000 is not what ordinary people are willing to pay for her. However, as a doll with perfect body proportions, she has brought people the most authentic sexual pleasure! 165cm BBW sex dolls have perfect curves, amazing big breasts and large buttocks that provide real ultimate sexual pleasure.

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