How to Lift Your Doll Easily Without “Breaking” Your Back?

Lifting a sex doll or a love doll can be a daunting task, especially when you have just arrived at your home and sit inside in the box. To have it lifted from the box, someone in the doll forum suggested you can first have the box stand upright, and then you can pull the doll out there. Unfortunately, this method does not always work as little packages will be delivered in standing. So what to do?

Here is the tip!

When you open the box, don’t immediately bend your back and lift your doll. You should first bend the doll’s legs on the thighs so that the doll is in the sitting position, like what one will sit on the ground. Then you tilt her in the upright position where you can easily carry her in your arms. The video below from Youtube easily explains my concept:

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If the doll is on your bed, bend both knees a bit, and you can carry her in your arms quickly, just like for a real woman. The other method is to have her sit on an office/game chair. That way you don’t have to carry her a lot.

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