Is Sex Doll Worth the Dollars?

There are many sex dolls retailers online and their prices range from few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Some retailers claim their love dolls are more realistic but more expensive. Some dolls are cheaper but they tend to melt in a higher temperature. However some claim dolls are just dolls, they don't move, nor response to your touch unlike real woman. Therefore the question is is a sex doll really worth the dollars?Here are some comments posted online recently and let us know if you agree/disagree their thoughts:

Posted by James O'Phelan on Quora: 

"... where if as a man, you’re under 6ft tall, aren’t single digit bodyfat, don’t have amazing hair and teeth and don’t make at least 6 figures a year, you’re not even getting checked out anymore and when you actually DO manage to meet a woman and get into some sort of vague semblance of a relationship, she’ll probably get bored of you being normal and stable and she’ll leave you..."

He also said, dating a real woman needs a lot of money these days and if you just want to f*ck her in bed, it's not a cost effective way at all. So he will go for a sex doll rather having a real relationship. 

Joseph Jaramillo disagrees because he thought one could get bored easily with a sex doll, and they had to clean up after use. But with a real woman, they will clean up themselves and no trouble for the guys and it is much better. 

Harry Hu said it depends. The depends is the men ability of handling women, if the men aren't that good, then a doll may accompany the psychological needs of the men.....

So what do you think? Leave a comment below. 

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