Maintenance & Cleaning Tips for Your Sex Doll

Sex doll is an expensive invesment and with care, it can be used for many years to come. So cleaning & maintaining your sex doll indeed is very important, here will show you some of the steps that needs to be involved:

Cleaning with soapy water before and after used

Sex dolls are made of chemical materials though they are usually not harmful to human, you need to clean it, especially the usable holes  thorougly to avoid bacteria or mold growth on your dolls. To clean it, first use cold water to wash off any dirt on the surface of the body (not the head)  and then use mild soapy water on the usable holes. Rub it a few times, make sure they are clean, but do not submerge the whole body into the water bath to avoid rust growing inside of the doll.

 Once you have finished using the soapy water, rinse the doll with lukewarm water and avoid using hot water especially if the doll is made of TPE materials. After that, dry it with a baby soft or micro-fibre cloth so that it will not damage the skins on the dolls. 

With the usable holes, use a drying stick and make sure they are completely dry otherwise, mold and bacteria may develop inside the holes. 

Move it to a storage

Once your doll is completely dry, apply baby powder or the doll, so that it will absorb any oil overflow from the body. After that, store it in a flight case or hang it with a hooker in your closet, that way it will keep the doll clean and dry. 

I hope that cleaning tips will help you maintain the doll and maximize what you’ve spent on our store. 

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