Sex Dolls: Beginner's Guide to Purchasing A Love Doll

If you recently bought a sex doll, congratulations are in order! You just made a great investment. However, now might be a great time to get a sex doll if you don't have one. Sex dolls have taken the sexual world by storm, owing to their convenience and versatility.

While you certainly can't replace the pillow fights and regular banter from your companion, sex and intimacy now exist outside your sexual partner, in the comfort of a realistic sex doll.

What Is A Sex Doll?

A sex doll, also known as a love doll, is an anthropomorphic sex toy in the shape and size of a human sexual companion. Simply put, a love doll/ sex doll is a sexual companion doll. Previously, only female sex dolls existed in the market. However, currently, there are both male and female realistic dolls due to the advancement of technology.

Why Do You Need A Sex Doll?

Based on the answers you will get if you publicly ask this question, there is no denying that sex dolls play an integral part in society. Healthy sex life is important for individuals in relationships or not. However, why would one choose a love doll over an actual human?

  • Sex Dolls Are All-Nighters

Be realistic—no one can last 12 hours non-stop engaging in sex—unless you are on pills. But what if you could? Chances are your partner is tired, which is biologically reasonable. Luckily, a sex doll is your friend in need. There is no biology to a love doll, just a silicone-based lady willing to take non-stop hours of pounding and intimacy. There are certainly no mood swings, headaches, and excuses with a sex doll.

  • Convenient for Your Busy Lifestyle

If you are juggling work, school, and other busy aspects of life, there is always no time for dating. A sex doll doesn't go to school or work. Having a love doll waiting for you at home comes close to dating, which may be sufficient for some.

  • Sexdolls Come In Options

Different individuals have varying tastes when it comes to sexual partners. Whether you want a petite or BBW sex doll, there are options to choose from. Having a sex doll allows you to style it however you please without committing to more than one person in real life due to varying interests.

  • A Love Doll is Realistic

A sex doll is a superb investment if you are looking for something close to the real deal. It comes with heating gadgets to heat the vaginal openings, allowing you the pleasure of the actual feeling. Love dolls are also designed with high-grade silicone material, making them feel as smooth as actual skin. In some sense, a doll's expectations are somewhat realistic since they are tied to your will.

  • Sex Dolls Are Great Listeners

If you have been in a relationship, you understand that things can get really hot fast, and it doesn't require much effort to put your partner in a grumbling mood. Therefore, if you just want peace of mind and possibly offload your thoughts, a love doll comes in handy.

While the non-responsive relationship you have with your love doll doesn't suffice a real, long-lasting relationship, it may be better than having a partner that does not listen to your thoughts deeply.

Types of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls come in different varieties based on individual preferences. It has long since been established that humans can be picky when it comes to sexual or dating partners.

Sex doll manufacturers are constantly attempting to replicate the multiple options in real life. Are you looking for an older or younger sexual partner? Perhaps a thick or slender-bodied partner? Sex dolls will fulfill your every little fantasy.

Size Factor

Perhaps you prefer a slightly bigger partner? You can't do any better than the BBW sex doll. Love dolls come in different body sizes, shapes, heights, and weights. Whether you want curvy sex dolls, athletic sex dolls, chubby sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, petite sex dolls, among others, there is always the perfect size for everyone.

How Realistic Can They Be?

A realistic sex doll is all one wants. While there is undoubtedly an unregulated supply of medium to low-quality Chinese love dolls, you can find a realistic sex doll with due diligence. When shopping for a sex doll, there is the ordinary silicone sex doll and the TPE sex doll.

Silicone is a mixture of a silicone polymer with carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. On the other hand, TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a mixture of rubber and plastic.

If you are a chemical guy, you understand why the TPE sex doll takes the win on this one. The TPE sex doll is softer to the touch compared to silicone. In addition, a TPF sex doll is more elastic and flexible, allowing it to handle different sex positions at will.

Young/ Older

Perhaps you are into older and mature women or not. Sex dolls are designed to resemble your fantasy. You can find a BBW sex doll or a mini sex doll. Essentially, the mini sex doll also referred to as a young sex doll, is small-bodied, giving it a smaller appearance than a regular human-sized sex doll.

A mini sex doll can measure as little as three feet or lesser. A young sex doll can also be designed without the limbs and face, limiting it only to the basic functionality of sexual penetration.

How to Buy A Sex Doll

As an aspiring sex doll owner, you need to have a list of things and features to look out for. The options are endless and overwhelming, which requires your precision to ensure you end up with your ideal love doll.

When shopping for a sex doll, here are things to consider;

  • Reputable Vendor. Ensure you are buying your love doll from an honest dealer.
  • Do I need a mini sex doll or a BBW sex doll?
  • A realistic sex doll (TPE sex doll) sounds more thrilling
  • Payment options. For privacy issues, check if the supplier has discrete payment and shipment plans.

Final Thoughts

Have you put some thought into the sex doll you want? A love doll can be a sexually liberating companion in desperate times. Most sex dolls allow you to customize their looks however you desire. Therefore, engage your sex doll company in a conversation before purchasing to customize a love doll for you.

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