Should Robot Sex Dolls be Banned

AI sex dolls have become trendy in latest years. Although they remain inaccessible to the general population, selected users have made some of their deepest fantasies come true thanks to these devices. However, AI sex dolls have been controversial since they first appeared.

A popular sex doll, Roxxxy, included a mode known as Frigid Farrah. This way, the AI would resist sexual activity, which would allow men to fulfill very specific fantasies, most of them involving rape. However, this doll happened to be a scam! It didn’t exist at all.

While all of this happened in mid-2017, more than four years have passed, and now the future of this industry seems to be heading in this direction. In fact, you can find several AI sex dolls around the web, all of them at ridiculously high prices.

What experts have to say

Multiple experts have been demonstrated opposition against the idea of AI sex dolls due to them being a "moral threat to society." Nevertheless, everyone believes that robot sex dolls will replace human relationships in the future, although this future is very improbable.

Human relationships are unpredictable and based on reciprocity. These elements are something that a sex doll cannot offer to a human being as machines are not sentient.

So, should AI sex dolls be banned?

You still can find several AI sex dolls in the market at the moment, despite the opposition from feminist groups and experts. However, it's unlikely that these items will be banned at any time soon, as they're still inaccessible to the general public. In fact, they appeal to a very specific public, which combined with the enormous economic gap they have based on the price, they are far from becoming an everyday purchase.

Many people love having fun with a sex doll, be it an AI sex doll or a traditional one. However, please note that even if there’s a lot of controversy surrounding them, you’ll still be able to use them for a long while.

We still don't know what the future will bring, and technological advancements are being introduced to the world every day. But, for now, we can continue enjoying the things we do as long as they don't step out of the legal norm – and sex dolls are part of this scheme.

To sum up, everyone has a different opinion on whether AI sex dolls should be banned or not. Unfortunately, these opinions won't have too much weight at this moment.

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