4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Sex Doll

Sex dolls can be fun to play with, especially when you feel little lonely and bored. In fact, a lot of people out there have already invested their money on this product and a report from daily mail said finding a true love for Americans on average cost $20,000 for 5 years before they settle and decide to get married! That is a lot of money, if you ask me. 

So now people tend to buy a sex doll instead of paying this heavy bills on dating. However, a  good quality sex doll can cost few thousand dollars so before jumping into buying one,  let me walk you through things that you need to consider to avoid any disappointment or unmanageble situations that could happen during the period of your doll ownership. So are you ready? let's get started!

Sex Dolls Can Be Very Heavy

Do you like curvy women, like BBW one? A typical BBW doll, depends on its height, can weight up to 110 lbs. Imagine what is it like to carry a 110 lbs-object around in your house and don't forget you need to move her into different positions so that you can enjoy sex with. Do you like cow girls style? How about doggy sex position? Moving the doll along could be a very daunting task, espeically with the bbw type.  

Material Costs

For real sex dolls, there are 2 types of materails used. One is silicone and another one is TPE or thermoplastic elastomer for its full name. Generally speaking TPE is softer and cheaper, whereas silicone depends on its chemical formula, is harder, lighter but more realistic and more expensive. 

TPE is cheaper because the material is reusable. It can be melted easily under heat whereas silicone can't be melted but burned instead. Therefore it will be little room for error when produce a silicone doll and hence a steeper cost. 

There are times where a silcone doll is better than a TPE ones because of its fine details applied on the doll's make up, and blood vessels can also be drawn on its body, which makes silicone dolls are much more realistic to its TPE counterpart. 

Cleaning & Maintenance Consideration

When comes to cleaning, TPE dolls are much harder to clean, because it's get stain/pigment very easily. I will suggest avoid wearing any dark clothes or ligneries on the dolls, and also make sure you use soapy water on the love holes before and after used, and shower it with the head removed once a week. When you're showering your TPE sex dolls,  make sure you use luke warm water and not hot water because TPE will melt. After you've done the cleaning, use a dry and soft cloth to dry the dolls out and use drying sticks for the love holes, so that it is free from any mold attack. 

Also store it into a dry place and avoid any humidity. 

Silicone is less likely to get mold, but still need to keep it dry after cleaning.

Maintenance Consideration

TPE dolls also are harder to maintenace. Some manufacturers use lower quality TPE that causes grease inside the material to leak out. One way to deal with it is using baby powder to cover the body so that your doll will looks new and fresh always. 



Thanks James
I dont see many sikicone dolls at sex dollcenter. Lots to consider especially weight and durability and quality.
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Craig LaBreche January 18, 2022

Can I lubricate the doll with baby oil and after it dry spay with baby powder?

BiingMing Su January 18, 2022

Thank You it is good to know all about it.

Frank January 18, 2022

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