What Kind of Boobs Size Would Men Like?

There is a debate or question that asked what kind of boobs size men would like, and here is a report on “metro news” that says scientists did break the code of “perfect boobs size” that men like. In today’s issue, I share some aspects found in that report.

Prague’s Charles University did the studies. They asked several men in Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic, and Namibia by showing them two pictures of different breast sizes and firmness and saw which one they liked. And the final results? Here you go: 

1.) Men prefer prekier and shapely breast instead of bigger (or saggier) ones. 

If you think men like big breasts, well, think it again. The result showed most men preferred shapely breasts, and I am a man. I think a pair of perkier breasts are sexier and, if you know how the bra cup size is calculated, it is a measurement obtained by subtraction the full bust size (the peak of the breast) from the upper bust size and the more significant number the difference is, the bigger the cup size. Hence, the cup size measurement is a vertical height of breasts. Therefore the above conclusion is correct. 

2.)Men prefer symmetrical firmer breasts

Well, that’s for beauty purposes, it is nicer to watch a pair of symmetrical boobs than asymmetric ones, and it is understandable. For firmer, I guess, it supports the perky boobs to justify what the scientist found.

So what do you like? Smaller boobs, bigger boobs, perkier boobs? Write a comment below! 😎


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