Which one Is Better? TPE or Silicone? (Not What You Think.)

When comes to choosing a sex doll, there is a huge debate that which material is better? TPE or silicone. The answer actually depends on what you need and what you’re after...


May be it is the most important option when you're trying to make a decision. Silicone dolls are often more expensive than their TPE counterparts. It is due to nature of the material.

During the manufacturing process, the material is heated and molded into different shapes, TPE is a more flexible and can be reshaped easily. Hence manufacturers have more rooms for production errors while silicone is not the in the same case. Therefore silicone dolls are more expensive. 

Resistance to water and heat  

While silicone dolls are more expensive, it also has benefits the against water and heat. With their TPE counterpart, one will find it harder to clean, since its ability of absorb moisture. If it is too much water on the doll, especially in the vagina area, your doll will prone to mold growth and it is not very hygienic at all.  So one will take extra effort by absorbing the excess moist after cleaning. Also TPE is very sensitive to heat. In the worst case, it will start losing its consistency for temperature like 104°F (or 40 °C) , similar to the water temperature that you will get in a hot bath whereas silicone can sustain in boiling water, and can sustain heat up to 752 °F (400 °C).

One more reason you may want to choose silicone dolls over the TPE one is that, the latter tends to get stains easily. In the doll forum, many owners ask how to clean their dolls for stains, and one may need some sort of non-alcoholic stain remover. (Alcohol may dissolve TPEs so I will not advise using it.) 

More realistic, life-like & flexible 

When comparing silicone and TPE, TPE is more elastic and softer to touch. It does look more like real skin than silicone and it will wobble when moving back to forth just like a real human when you're doing intercourse with it. 

Also one can easily bend the joint of a TPE doll than a silicone one. Some one on reddit said the silicone doll has a stiffer joint too, which limit the sex-position choice. 

Breast looks firmer 

Although silicone dolls are firmer, it has one benefit, the breasts look and feel more real comparing to the TPE ones. It is understandable since many plastic surgeons use silicone as breast filing for enlargement or replacement, no wonder it is the best choice among the others material. 


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