Will Sex Dolls End Marriages?

Nowadays, people are using sex dolls for many purposes, some will see sex dolls as their best companions, some will see them as a fu*k-mate, meaning if they have needs, they will use it, otherwise it is not cared and will be placed at a quiet-lonely place until the next used. 

Recently, I read an article about Japanese sex dolls of which the author suggests that these days, due to amount of pressure in society, many Japanese people of both sexes tend to buy a love doll (or a sex doll) for the physical needs rather than  getting married and it get be reflected by their low birth rates.

Well, it may be the real facts but however, a sex doll will never be real human companion and interactions as of today. The reason behind is with today's technology, computers and robots still have a very stiff curve to learn about human languages and this can be seen in most "intelligent assistants" such as Siri, "Google Assistant" and/or "Alexa" where they can deal with very simple commands and not more complex sarcastic statements with tones and gestures. 

Surely one can argue with me that sex dolls can be a "replacement" for human's sexual needs, but humans often are emotional, they want someone to touch, to talk to, or to share their thoughts and feelings and not just to "F". And the other point will be having their own kids, real humans can have kids but sex dolls? So I really don't think sex dolls will end marriage.

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