You Want to Dispose Your Sex Dolls After All?

While you may have a numerous reasons why you wish to dump your sex dolls, here are some common ones:

  • boredom
  • she's done her purpose
  • moving home
  • her pussy and ass have become one 
  • any other reasons that you don't want her any more ...

But despite of the reasons, when you are dumping your sex doll, you should follow the guidelines below and make sure you've done everything you can to protect the environment. 

Now let's talk some of the tips here:

Ask before you dump

Most material made for sex dolls are TPE or/and silicone. Ask your local garbage collectors about you can dumb the materials in a legal way, so that yourself can be free from fine or basically infamy in your local areas.

Sell it

Some guys will not mind using  a second-hand or used sex doll as long as they are in perfect condition or they are clean. By clean, I mean not just free from dirt nor stains but also free from bacteria, germs or viruses, in particular HIV. 

Give it away

The concept is pretty much the same with "sell it", instead you're charging for a fee, you're give it away for free. I'm sure some one out there is pretty much like this concept,.

Although someone suggest to bury it, but one must understand if the material safe for the earth.



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